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===== The Wiki Way =====

[[Docs:WikiEngine | Wikis]] are attracting more and more attention as a prominent case of [[Docs:SocialSoftware | social software]] which is deeply modifying the way we think of concepts like //authorship//, //written content//, //knowledge production//, //knowledge dissemination//, //copyright// etc... This page will host contributions about the impact of wikis, **not** from a point of view of software developers but from the perspective of analysts of ICT and social phenomena. Feel free to add further references.

Emma Tonkin
**Making the Case for a Wiki**
''Considers wikis in the context of emerging technologies and while explaining the benefits they may offer, provides a timely warning on the feasibility of their deployment.''
//Ariadne//, 42 ''[2005-01]''

Pierre Gorissen
**Weblogs and Wikis in het onderwijs**
''Online presentation in Dutch on the use of wikis in Schools and Education.'' [requires flash]

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