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@@===== Welcome to Wikka Wiki =====@@
""<img src="" alt="Wikka wizard" style="float: right; margin: 0.5%; padding: 0.5%;">""
===What is Wikka? ===
WikkaWiki is a [[Docs:FlexibleWikka | flexible]] and [[Docs:LightweightInfo | lightweight]] [[Docs:WikiEngine | wiki engine]] written in PHP, which uses MySQL to store pages. Forked from WakkaWiki. Designed for [[Docs:SpeedInfo | speed]], [[Docs:ExtensibleInfo | extensibility]], and security. Released under the [[Docs:LicenseInfo | GPL]] license.

- [[Docs:WikkaFeatures | Features]]
- [[Docs:SystemRequirements | System requirements]]
- [[WikkaSites | Wikka sites]]: a list of sites in 34 different languages powered by Wikka.
- [[IndependentWikkaReviews | Wikka reviews]]: opinions about Wikka.

::c::""<div style="float:right; margin-left:30px; margin-bottom:30px; margin-top: 10px; padding: 4px 8px 2px 8px; width:auto;background: #DDD; border: 1px dotted #AAA">
<h4>Download it</h4>
<em>Latest stable release:</em><br />
<p><a style="margin:10px 0px; padding: 3px 3px 3px 24px; background: #DDD url( no-repeat; font-size: 1.1em; font-weight:bold; text-decoration: none" href="">Wikka-</a></p>
<p><em>Released on January 24, 2005</em><br /><a href="">what's new?</a> :: <a href="">release notes</a></p>
</div>""===Try it out===
Check out the FormattingRules and then play in the SandBox. You can learn the basics of WikkaWiki by taking one of the [[WikkaGuidedTours | visual tours]]. Some of the features on [[SysInfo | this server]] (like custom [[TestSkin | skins]]) can be tested by registered users only, so you are invited to [[UserSettings | register]] your free account.

You can [[ | subscribe]] to the list for announcements of Wikka releases and important news.

===Quick Help===
~-[[Docs:WikkaInstallation | Installing]]
~-[[Docs:UpgradeNotes | Upgrading]]
~-[[Docs:UpgradingFromWakkaWiki | Migrating from WakkaWiki]]
~-[[WikkaWorkarounds | Troubleshooting]]

===Documentation ===
Need help? Check the official [[Docs:WikkaDocumentation | Wikka Documentation pages]]

===Feedback ===
Feedback is very much welcome in the SuggestionBox.
Or if you prefer email, send comments to Jason Tourtelotte [{{contact}}]
Bugs can be reported on the WikkaBugs page.

===Developers ===
If you would like to contribute to Wikka, please read the WelcomeDeveloper page to get started. Current proposals for new features and modifications can be found in the [[CategoryDevelopment | Wikka Development Category]]. A long list of [[CodeContributions | user-contributed extensions]] is also available.

Interested in how to integrate Wikka with your blog or forum? You can check out the [[WikkaIntegration | list]] of current integration projects with other software, including CMS, blog engines, bulletin boards, portals.

===Support this project ===
Do you like WikkaWiki? You can [[IndependentWikkaReviews | drop us a line]] or help [[SpreadTheWord | spread the word]].

===Wikka Lounge===
Want to know who's behind WikkaWiki? Or discuss some brilliant new Wikka ideas?
Join us on the## [[TheLounge | #wikka]]## channel at

Introducing [[CreditsPage | the Wikka crew]].
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