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This is the documentation page for a proposed extended table action. The code is available on the TableAction page. The development of this action has been discontinued since the implementation of a new table markup in the main development line.


Short description
Turns a simple list of cell contents into a (data) table.

delimitercharoptionalsemicolon (;)delimiter that will be used to separate cells; must be a single character.
delimcharoptional;synonym of delimiter
captionstringoptionalnonetable caption
columnsintegeroptional1number of columns the table is to have.
colsintegeroptional1synonym of columns
borderintegeroptional1borderwidth of table.
cellpaddingintegeroptional3padding within cells in pixels.
cellspacingintegeroptional1space between cells in pixels.
stylestringoptionalnonein-line style for the table.
classstringoptionalnonealternative for style: use the class to style with the stylesheet.
summarystringoptionalnonesummary of what the table contains.
cellsstringrequiredcontent of the table with cells separated by the (defined) delimiter.

Long description
Wikka markup within cells is interpreted but HTML markup for cell contents is not possible.

There is only one required paramater: cells; if this is missing an error message will be displayed, along with the original action markup.

It is possible to define cell contents across multiple lines; surrounding whitespace is trimmed before generating output, embedded whitespace (including newlines) is retained.

Cell contents must be separated by a delimiter character; by default this is a semicolon, but if this would conflict with cell contents, a delimiter can be defined with the delimiter (or delim) parameter. Superfluous delimiters at the start and end of the cells parameter are discarded, so it's possible to write each cell row on a separate line, and end each cell with the delimiter: this makes it relatively easy to maintain table contents.

A caption can be defined, as well as a summary.
There is limited support for table headers (th cells): if cell content is embedded in sets of 2 to 5 '=' characters (as in heading markup) these will be discarded and a header cell (th) will be generated instead of a data cell (td). Row groups (thead, tfoot, tbody) are NOT supported.
The result is valid (data) table markup although accessibility will be limited.



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