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****Esta página está en proceso de traducción desde HomePage . Vd. puede ayudar al desarrollo de Wikka traduciéndola al español.

====Qué es Wikka?====

WikkaWiki es una máquina wiki flexible, adecuada al estandar y ligera escirta en [[ PHP]], que utiliza [[ MySQL]] para guardar las páginas. Bifurcada de WakkaWiki. Diseñada para ser veloz, extensible y segura. Lanzada bajo licencia [[ttp:// GPL]].

- Features: discover what you can do with Wikka.
- System requirements: what you need to install the package.
- Wikka sites: a list of sites in 36 languages powered by Wikka.
- Wikka reviews: opinions about Wikka.
- See Wikka in action! quicktime icon


Latest stable release: Wikka-

Released on January 24, 2005

what's new? :: release notes


Check out the FormattingRules and then play in the SandBox. You can learn the basics of WikkaWiki by taking one of the visual tours. Some of the features on this server (like custom skins) can be tested by registered users only, so you are invited to register your free account.

====Lista de Correo====

You can subscribe∞ to the list for announcements of Wikka releases and important news.

====Ayuda Rápida====

- Installing
- Upgrading
- Migrating from WakkaWiki
- Troubleshooting


Need help? Check the official Wikka Documentation pages.


Feedback is very much welcome in the SuggestionBox.
Or if you prefer email, send comments to Jason Tourtelotte [Contact]
Bugs can be reported on the WikkaBugs page.


You can check the current list of features under development. For a general overview of discussions related to Wikka development please refer to the Wikka Development Category.


If you are interested in how to adapt Wikka to speak you language or support non-western writing systems, you can learn more on this page.

====Plugins y extensiones====

Several user-contributed extensions are also available for downloading. Wikka is an open source project and welcomes contributions from new developers. If you intend to contribute code to Wikka, please read the WelcomeDeveloper page to get started.

====Proyectos de integración====

Interested in how to integrate Wikka with your blog or forum? You can check out the list of current integration projects with other software, including CMS, blog engines, bulletin boards, etc...

====Apoye este projecto====

Do you like WikkaWiki? You can drop us a line or help spread the word.


Want to know who's behind WikkaWiki? Or discuss some brilliant new Wikka ideas?
Join us on the #wikka channel at


Introducing the Wikka crew.
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