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======Example of the //""Slideshow2""// handler======
==_author_ ""DomBonj""==
==_affiliation_ Wikkawiki community

//<date>, <location>//==
==_footer1_//This is line 1 of a footer that is displayed on each slide//==
==_footer2_//Feel free to reuse this example//==
======This is slide one======
=====Slide titles are marked-up as ""====== H1 text ======""=====

=====Markup levels from H2"" ...""=====
== ""..."" to H5 can be used in a slide ==
======Slide two: using lists======
~- Unnumbered lists are rendered as bullet item lists
~- This is item 2
~~- hierarchized bullet item lists are supported
~~- this is item 2.2
~~~- featuring sub-item 2.2.1
~~- and this is item 2.3
~- This is item 3
==_handout_This is the first line of comment, which will be displayed only on printed handouts""<br />""
Comments can be multi-line by using a forced line break.==
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