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=====""Slideshow2"" Handler Documentation=====
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>>==See also:==
Development: Slideshow2Handler>>This is the documentation page for the ""Slideshow2"" handler.::c::

==Short description==
Displays a wiki page as a slide show


==Long description==
This handler interprets and displays a wiki page as an entire slideshow. It is based on [[ S5]] by Eric Meyer.
The page markup is rendered in the following way in the context of a slideshow:
~- Slide titles are marked up as H1 text, thus any H1-formatted text will be interpreted as the start of a new slide
~- The first slide is displayed as the slideshow's title slide and should contain only:
~~- a title
~~- optionally, information on the author and his/her affiliation by including the following specially formatted H5 text:
##""==_author_ name==""
""==_affiliation_ organization==""##
~~- optionally, a one- or two-line text that will be displayed in the footer of each slide (including the title slide) can be provided with the following markup:
##""==_footer1_ line1 of footer==""
""==_footer2_ line2 of footer==""##
~& Please visit the [[SlideshowExample example page]] to see how metadata (author, affiliation and footer) can be used.
~- For subsequent slides, H2 to H5 headings as well as numbered and unnumbered lists are slideshow-formatted by the provided stylesheet. Other styles can be adapted for slideshow mode display, if necessary, by enriching the stylesheet (see Notes below)
~- Comments which are not displayed on screen, but which will appear in printed handouts, can be added by including at the end of the slide's text a H5 section marked up as follows:
##""==_handout_ This is a comment line==""##

Use it like any handler, appending /slideshow to the page URL, to display the page in slideshow mode.
The following icons are displayed on each slide:
~- ""«"" to go back one slide
~- ""»"" to go to next slide
~- ""±"" to switch back to the standard wiki rendering of the page
~- ""Ø"" to switch directly to the edit mode of the page
There is also a set of [[ keyboard shortcuts]] available.

~- An [[SlideshowHandler other slideshow handler]], ported from wikini, is available for Wikkawiki
~- The slideshow shall be contained in a single page. However, by using the ##[[IncludeAction include]]## action, it is possible to combine in a single slideshow several sets of slides located on various pages (even on pages owned by an other user, and which are only accessible in read-only mode)
~- The visual rendering of all page elements can be fully customized by editing the stylesheet (located in ##3rdparty/plugins/S5/ui/default/pretty.css##)

Follow [[SlideshowExample this link]] to view a page designed for display as a slideshow.


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