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**Simon Knight**

I am currently working on a pretty highly customised version of this package to run our site:
It is very much a work in progress, so feedback is much appreciated.
Cheers :)

=====Fixing subdir permissions!=====
After much playing around, I still havent been able to find a working solution to the following problem:
The wiki is installed into the base directory of my site, so that way people can easily navigate to the different pages.
However, I would like to install some other non-features into subfolders, such as phpbb bulletin boards.
Now if I create a directory /forums/ and try to navigate to it, wiki catches it and since there is no page by that name, it asks me if I wish to generate this page - no I do not.
I would like it to exclude this directory from the wiki parsing, in a similar way to the default /images/ folder appearing as a folder as opposed to a wiki page.
I think I have been able to track down the problem to:

elseif (preg_match('/\forums\/', $this->method))

(about line 700 in wakka.php), but I dont have a clue with the regular expressions or how the rest of the site works.
I imagine it is a reasonably simple solution to be able to redirect to say
But I have no idea how and I can't for the life of me find of any other regular expression combination that works.
I have been pretty successful in hacking up the wiki thus far (check to see it in action), but being able to add extra features to my site would really improve its functionality.

If anyone can help (I imagine it would be a relatively simple matter for someone who has a clue as to what is going on), then I'd be very appreciative.
Thanks heaps.
Simon :)

//This happens because you use rewrite_mode and the server catches everything that comes after the base url and hands it over to wakka.php (..wakka.php?wakka=blahblah). You can either try to switch off rewrite mode (probably not preferred ;) or you could place a .htaccess file containing """RewriteEngine"" off" in the directories you were talking about (e.g. forum software). Although I haven't tested it, this should work.// --RalfLehmann, 2004-08-17

//Thanks so much for that -works perfectly :) .// --SimonKnight, 2004-08-17


So this is my page. :)

I've been keen on the wiki idea for a while now, but had been put off by "generic portal sites" which look good on the surface, but you soon realise how little/hard to access the content is, not to mention ridiculously slow access times.

I really like this wiki implementation as it seems to be lightweight and fast, and works with php and mysql which are great, being open standards.

I am currently working on the webhosting side of things, but I am very eager to have a good play with this software. :)

Keep up the good work fellas!
Simon :)


==== What I'm using it for====

Redeveloping a community wireless site in Australia.
More details to come...

Our current (static) site can be found here:
[[ |]]


==== Wishlist====

Features I'd love to see added:
~- Ability to add users to "groups" which could then be used in simplifying ACLs and in providing an index page of members of that group.
~- Ability to create "sections" to allow a "backlinks" style navigation bar.
An example of this could be:
Home > Countries > Europe
This would allow for pages to have a more defined structure relating them together.

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