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======Wikka Wiki Search Tags======
=====What It Does=====
The search tags add-on action allows for pages to be ‘tagged’ with keywords or search tags that help find the page when searching for words or phrases that may not appear in the body of the page.

Search tags are entered space separated, and displayed in a reduced font and as links to the wiki search pages with the tag as a parameter.

There are appropriate comment lines in the source to allow changes to the default behaviour, such as
~- Comma separated tags
~- Turn off linking to the search page

=====Why It's Useful=====
There may be synonyms, acronyms, phrases, or other keywords that don’t appear in the document text, but may be useful for reference and search purposes.

[[ GPL]]

{{tag ids="tag1 tag2 ..."}}
Where ##ids## is a list of space separated search tags. I like to put this action is at the bottom of pages just above any category specifications.

The action name tag is used because it makes sense from a user perspective and should not be confused with wiki page names which are often refered to as tags.

The installation tarball for the add-on action is a available on the [[ downloads]] page under the WikkaWiki section.

To install, download and save the tar.gz file into the ##actions## subdirectory of your Wikka Wiki installation, untar it, and set permissions to read-only. The following steps provide a walkthrough assuming your installation directory is ##/var/www/html/wikka##. If your install path differs, steps one and two will require modification.

~1) [[ Download]] wikka_search_tags.tar.gz to /var/www/html/wikka/actions/
~1) cd /var/www/html/wikka/actions
~1) tar -xvzf wikka_search_tags.tar.gz
~1) chmod 444 tag.php
~1) chown www-data:www-data tag.php (or to your webserver user ID)

At this point the add-on is installed and ready to test.

=====Add to FormattingRules=====
To add help for the draft action to the formatting rules page in Wikka Wiki, bring up the ##FormattingRules## page in edit mode and add the following at the end, or wherever you prefer. If you insert it at a different location, the number (16) may vary.
===17. Search Tags===
Add additional searchable //tags// to a page. Unobtrusively embed additional keywords in a page.
""{{tag ids="tag1 tag2 tag3"}}""
In this example the tag action displays the search tags as ##Tag(s): wsad workspace setWorkspace showLocation##
{{image alt="Search Tags Screenshot" url="" link=""}}

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