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>>**See also:**
~-New to **Wikka**? Start [[WelcomeUser | here]].
**[[Docs:FormattingRules | Wikka Formatting Rules]]**
~-[[UserSettings | Register a free account]]
~-[[WikkaMultilanguageTestPage | Test page for multilanguage support]]
~-[[FreeMindSandBox | Test page for FreeMind support]]
**Note:** this server is configured to use test western charset encoding (##ISO-8859-1##). This results in non-western characters being stored as unicode entities and displayed as such in the edit screen. To learn more on different charset support, please refer to WikkaLocalization.
>>**{{colour hex="#CC0000" text="Read this first"}}**
You are free to play with Wikka's [[FormattingRules | syntax]] on this page. Double click anywhere to open the edit screen.
Please do not remove the main header and this **paragraph** while editing the page and start editing under the horizontal rule __BELOW__::c::
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