Redirecting Pages

before we can MovePages we'll need a redirector to keep the links to the old wikiword intact. this facility is useful for other reasons too. it can serve synonyms, acronyms and different transcriptions of foreign names. we'll hook in at the function run() after we've got all information we need (the page itself and it's acls):


    // ...
    if ($this->method == "show" && $_REQUEST["redirect"] != "no") $this->GetTargetPage();

if we want to call the function gettargetpage() we'd better have one:

function GetTargetPage() {
    if ($this->HasAccess("read")) {
        if (preg_match("/\A\s*=>\s*(.*)/", $this->page["body"], $matches)) {
            // patterns of forced links and wikiwords (without the commas) are german umlauts really enough?
            preg_match ("/^(\[\[.*?\]\]|[A-ZÄÖÜ][a-zäöüß]+[A-Z0-9ÄÖÜ][A-Z0-9a-zäöüßÄÖÜ]*)/", $matches[1], $matches1);
            $target = $matches1[1];
                if ($target_page = $this->LoadPage($target)) {
                $this->redirect_page = $this->page["tag"];
                $this->LoadAllACLs($target_page["tag"]); // isn't loadallacls better a part of setpage()?
    } else {
        // no idea why a redirector page should have it's own acls. but if user has no read-access he hasn't ;)
        // in that case, we simply do nothing and let the page fail as usual

the showhandler shall provide a link back to the original page. or we'll never have a chance to change the redirector (of course we would, guess how).


    // ...

    if ($this->redirect_page) {
        print ("<div class='revisioninfo'>Redirected from "); // this div may get it's own class
        print ("<a href='".$this->href("", $this->redirect_page, "redirect=no")."'>".$this->redirect_page."</a>");
        print ("</div>\n");

    // display page


now any page will be redirected to another when it starts with =>TargetPage

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