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====Problems with Mod_rewrite====
please add ModRewrite in code as a default. --JamesMcl
~&''Please be more specific. Wikka already works with or without ModRewrite.'' -- JsnX
~&Jason, as I understand it, we have to add a .htaccess file with the code shown in the ModRewrite page.
~~&Couldn't the wikka installation include this as default and individuals change the config if they didn't want to use the feature rather than the other way around. --JamesMcl
~~~&''The .htaccess file //is// created during the installation, are you experiencing any problem with rewrite rules?'' --DarTar
~~~~&Yes, DarTar it didn't work for me. I notice that the ModRewrite code has been changed recently though. I just thought that the working code could be placed in the installation. Another thought, do you have to change your config file to point to HomePage rather than wikka.php?wakka=HomePage in addition to changing the .htaccess file. If so, then its my fault that it isn't working and I apologise --JamesMcl
~~~~~&''As a general rule you don't need to change //anything//, just accept the default options set by the installer. I have several local distibutions of wikka installed on my machine, either with or without RR. Here's how the config files look like:''
~~~~~&**RR on**
"root_page" => "HomePage",
"base_url" => "http://wokka/",
"rewrite_mode" => "1",
~~~~~&**RR off**
"root_page" => "HomePage",
"base_url" => "http://test/wikka-",
"rewrite_mode" => "0",
~~~~~&Hope this helps -- DarTar
~~~~~~&- I contacted my isp and they advised me to use
~~~~~~&Didn't work though --JamesMcl
~~~~~~~&DarTar kind of gave you the key....
~~~~~~~&Forget about the wrong information that your ISP gave you and read ModRewrite. -- JsnX
~~~~~~~~&Jason, I know the information that DarTar gave was correct and I have read ModRewrite but when I tried his settings, I got an error message, hence the reason for contacting my isp's help desk. The error can't find the correct path to wikka.php. I have reset the config file to RR Off and everything works fine. DarTar and JsnX, please accept my apology for wasting your time. --JamesMcl
~~~~~~~~&James, please keep asking questions. I wasn't trying to scare you off. In this case, though, it appears that something is amiss with mod_rewrite on your webhost. -- JsnX

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