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====Ideas about an integrated Poll System====
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Even if it is easy to get an open source polling system from the web, it would be better to have a Wikka integrated solution.

- any Wikka user can create a poll by defining dedicated WikkaPage''s'' (handler?)
- the questions can be:
- Optional or Mandatory (cannot validate the vote if not answered)
- Dependant on previous answers (If Country="USA" then State dropdown list is used)
- open question (answers expected in a textarea)
- closed question (radio button, dropdown list...) allowing a single answer or multiple answers
- nice to have would be editable dropdown list as an alternate capability
- the poll creator will manage who is allowed to poll or get the results (Through ACLs)
- the answers would be stored in a dedicated DB where would be stored:
- Poll name (WikkaPage)
- User name (names of the users who answered)
- The answers (in a single field separated by a separator so that the same DB could be used whatever the poll)
~&Perhaps easier would be to gather the answers in an associative array and simply store the serialized array in a database column. serialize() and unserialize() will then do all the formatting and parsing for you. --JavaWoman (who once started to write her own polling application but never finished it)
- A timestamp (when the answer has been validated)
- the poll creator will decide who can get access to the result (dedicated result page through ACLs):
- Everyone
- Only those who voted (will require a dynamic management of the ACLs: DynamicAcls)
- A group of people (only the poll creator, a project team...)
- such a system could serve as well as a document/process validation system, or as a workflow system through a dynamic management of the ACLs (When workflow task one has been completed, then access to workflow task two page is allowed: DynamicAcls).

===To Do===
- Create the code :-)

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