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====Plugins in Development====

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~-[[CodeContributions | Overview of available unofficial actions]]
~-[[ProgrammingHelp | Help needed for actions in development]]
Various members of the wikka community are working on different tools as plugins (3rd party contributed actions) for wikka. To reduce the possibility of replicating efforts & encourage collaborative development efforts & beta-testing, this page lists the tools being worked on by wikka contributors.

After the plugins have been released, links will be provided to the page the code is available on and the references to the plugin will be moved to the "released" section. At that point feedback from other community members on further development will permit further development & refinement.

When the code appears final (such as, when no more development feedback occurs), then it will be moved to "Finalized Plugin" section (this is not to suggest that no more development will occur, just that the release meets the current standards of the current community as being "stable" & //reasonably// compliant with standards (also see summaries of past releases at CodeContributions).

If a developer abandons a project they should move it to the "halted" section so that others who might be interested in further pursuing the project can adopt it.
===Plugins in Development===
- [[BookmarkManager]] - an integrated bookmark manager in the flavor of [[]]
- wikka menu labels - simple image-based (menu) labels so that users can improve the aesthetics of pages (probably to be mainly used by wikka owners in setting up screens, although reasonable ease-of-use. See [[ | here]] for a working test.). Progress: 50% Developer: GmBowen
~& Nothing there that can't be done better (and more accessible) with well-structured HTML and CSS I'm afraid. You //really// should start learning CSS Mike! --JavaWoman
~~&Well sure, but working on this is helping me learn about GD. (and haven't you heard? CSS doesn't work on the palm-type units ;) really, it's so I learn more about colours, GD, etc.) -- GmBowen
- ShowCsv - reads the content of a *.csv file and writes it as a table on the screen . Progress: Bugfixing Developer: NilsLindenberg
- KeepHistory - to allow users to keep track of their wikka browing history. Progress: 0% Developer: ChristianBarthelemy
- Stickynotes - modification of [[ | Tom's Corkboard]] so that there can be movable post-it notes on a wiki page....useful for developing and organizing thoughts and projects. See initial work [[ | here]]. Plans: shared user lists, search/filters (see Tornado Notes for idea resource) Progress: 10% Developer: GmBowen
- Spreadsheet - A simple interactive table tool that does sum/avg/count on rows & selectable columns & freq on columns. Another action allows embedding these tables on any wiki page. Progress: 90% Developer: GmBowen (with help from others)
- [[ | RWebLog]] and [[ | RGallery]] - Simple web log action and a bit more complex image gallery action/handler. See [[ | my site]] for an example of how these can be used. Developer: RobertH
- UseThephpBBUserTable - The idea is to have the same user table as the phpBB forum software. I won't even attempt to make the software log you in to both at the same time - just make it so you can use the same table. Developer: KiltanneN
- VirtualWikiFarm idea is almost completed development. It involves a series of actions to allow a user to form sub-communities. See VirtualWikiFarm for an update on ideas. -GmBowen
- AncestorPage: keep track of modification of a specific page. Displays a warning if original page has been modifier after current page. --PivWan
- WikkaWithSMF: a bridge to the [[ | simple machines forum]] membership/registration system. --MyTreo
- WikiPageNotes - allows a user to keep personal notes on each wiki page using a popup "post-it" note. (also an associated summarization action to view all notes, sort by date & alphabetically, & search them) Progress: 80% Developer: GmBowen & Andrew Somerville

===Released Plugins===
- wikka graphing - form based graphing so that graphical images can be generated on wikka pages. See GraphMaker. Developer: GmBowen
~&Sorry, Mike, but I don't see this one as nearly finished at all - in the "proof of concept stage" is how I would describe it. Just the fact that you got something to "work" doesn't mean it's finished. That's when the real work starts, and it's usually more than just to get something to "work". --JavaWoman
- [[WikkaBlog2 | Wikiblog]] - a blogging tool action with commenting feature. Developers: GmBowen, with contributions by Mark Kasper & Joel Goguen.
- WikkaMail - Private Messaging System - the equivalent of "internal" email, this will allow wiki members to send internal communications to each other. (images available [[ | here]], [[ | here]], [[ | here]], [[ | here]], [[ | here]] and [[ | here]]) Developer: GmBowen
- JabberPresence - A simple action to display your jabber status. Based on [[ | Edgar]]. -PivWan

===Finalized Plugins===

===Plugins with halted development===

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