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Hi !
My name is Pascal HENDRIKX, I already worked with the french version [[ | Wikini]] and I start to work with the english version Wikka because I need a tool in english to organise a working group on Internet.

Our project is to organise working groups with colleagues distributed all over the caribbean islands in order to develop animal disease surveillance protocols for the veterinary services.
We are just starting with avian influenza and are developping a Wikka for it :

I'm very much interrested in the ways to customize the Wikka tool in order to make it the most friendly possible for the members of the working group. I'm since a long time totally convinced by the Wikka tool but usualy have some problems to have a really good involvement of the members of the groups supposed to work with it.

If you want to comment on this, or if you have tips, please [[ | write to me]].
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