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=====""OnegWR's Page""=====
>>**Pages I find usefull**
~- InvisibleWiki - FlexibleWikka - CMS look and feel.
**External pages I find usefull**
~- [[ | OpenSourceCMS]]
~- [[ | OSWD]] - themes.
**A couple of hacks**
~- [[OnegWRHide | Hide]] - Hide some content in a page.
~- [[OnegWRAllowComments | AllowComments]] - Reverse of 'nocomments'.
~- [[OnegWRTree | Tree]] - Show "Where Am I".
~- [[OnegWRSubPages | SubPages]] - List child pages.
~- [[OnegWRCol | Col]] - Add columns.
~- [[OnegWRCsv | CSV]] - CSV to table formatter.
~- [[ReplaceAction]] - replace string in all pages.
~- [[OnegWRNoDefaultCodeClass | NoDefaultCodeClass]] - CSS formatter fix
==About myself==
~- Mmm, I really don't like pages where people dump their private life. So 'Oneg' and '1G' are alter egos I use most of the time...
~- But I can tell you that I live an work in [[ | Brussels]], [[ | Belgium]], [[ | Europe]].
==My Homepage==
~-Let me first clean it up a bit... ;-)
==I use Wikka as==
~- As my personal homepage (more a tryout place than really a need to send my ideas into the net)
~- As a intranet-team-site at work to maintain latest version/faq/release notes of supported products.
~Both more as an CMS than as a wiki (due to too much false positives I even removed the direct linking of CamelCase)
~- I started using WakkaWiki early 2003 as maintaining a php intranet site with our team took a bit to much time and it was't as easy for everyone...
~- After also migrating my test/homepage, I came in contact with the pr0n-refer-spammers and went searching for alternatives...
~- Wikka Wiki (found via [[ | OpenSourceCMS]]) provided me with this solution and gave me the possibility to keep on using my own actions and theme, so the whole migration/upgrade took me 10min...
==My long term view for Wikka==
~- Give pages an .(x)html extension !
~- Split the directories into an 'html' and 'priv' tree, so actions,... are not 'browsable', extra level of security...
~- Move formatters/wakka.php into the wakka-class, maybe even make it an recursive function.
~- Move the header an footer out of the actions dir.
~- As I'm not a native English speaker, having the preview page checked by an (external) spellchecker would be nice.
~- You are free to use all code I post on this site under GPL conditions, with only a "Works For Me"-guarantee ...


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