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>>This is NilsLindenberg, or better, my todolist, to have an oversight about what has to be done and what needs attention, more ore less orderd after priority - and always behind and incomplete :)>>

- searching the internet for code
- security (actions are open for everyone, solutions for [logged-in-user/Admin only])
- validity (xhtml, main sources for errors)
- parameters (how to get them, need of standard-values, proof of type...)
- errorhandling
- problems occuring with the writing
- generell part about html/php?
- box avout xhtml?
- text about libraries and using wikka-functions


==== Controlling access====
Developing a new action, an author should always think about his target audience and their WikiRole.

===Limit an action to admins===
//Should be used for:// actions showing sensible information and/or having possible potential of damaging the wiki.

//Example:// The PageAdministration action with its support for mass operations like mass deletion.

// restrict access to admins
if ($this->IsAdmin($this->GetUser()))
// put the whole code intended for admin-only use between these brackets

===Limit an action to page-owners===

====My List of things which could be improved in, or added at Wikka====
(the items are listed in descending priority)
1) I18n, L10n=> WikkaInternationalization, HandlingUTF8
1) a better System for Categorys => CategorySystemOverhaul
1) E-Mail => WikkaAndEmail
1) Toc (Table of Content)
1) User-to-User-Messages-System (completed this...see WikkaMail --GmBowen)
1) Access to the Config.php through a wikka-interface
1) Footnotes (
1) LaTex support (
1) OpenOffice import/export
1) Smilys (

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