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I'm just another enthousiast Wikka fan ;)

Have you ever heard about NeoWikka ? I believe the answer is no, because it's my fork of Wikka ;) The current development of Wikka Wiki has slowed down. And it's time for another Wikka Renewal Operation ! NeoWikka-1.2.0 will be compatible with the Wikka Wiki up to After that, I'll make NeoWikka follow another development plan.

Help wanted !
Don't you feel like excited, do you ? Wanna help to release NeoWikka earlier ? Drop me a word in my email box. However, before applying to be a beta tester, please check the software requirements below.

Apache or IIS
PHP 5.0 or later
MySQL 5.0 or later

WARNING: This version must be considered WIP (work in progress). Try it at your own risks. Keep in mind that I don't have time for any support and please do not disturb the WikkaWiki's guys about NeoWikka because NeoWikka doesn't come from the WikkaWiki team. The current NeoWikka is based on WikkaWiki-

NeoWikka-1.2.0-20060715 snapshot

Huge code clean up (including reformat, rewrite, and optimize)
Optimized wikka formater
Optimized database access
Updated third party plugins: GeSHI, SafeHTML, WikiEdit
Partial i18n interface

My other projects and contributions
OpenCity, another 3D city simulator written with C+ + and SDL
I translate english computing technical articles into vietnamese and also write new ones there.
SuperTux A great arcade game.

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#neowikka at

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