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I'm just another enthousiast Wikka fan ;)

Have you ever heard about NeoWikka ? I believe the answer is no, because it's my fork of Wikka ;) The current development of Wikka Wiki is likely stopped. And it's time for another Wikka Renewal Operation ! The BRET (Beta Release Estimate Time) of the NeoWikka-1.2.0 is 2 months starting from now (april 14th, 2006). NeoWikka-1.2.0 will be compatible with the Wikka Wiki up to After that, I'll make NeoWikka follow another development plan.

NeoWikka BRED
The beta release estimate date is the sunday, june 18th, 2006.
Maybe, NeoWikka will be distributed in its stripped form only.

NeoWikka-1.2.0 requirements
PHP 5.0 or later
MySQL 5.0 or later

NeoWikka-1.2.0 changelog
Huge code clean up (including reformat, rewrite, and optimize)
Optimized wikka formater
Updated third party plugins: GeSHI, SafeHTML, WikiEdit
Partial i18n interface

My other projects Another 3D city simulator written with C+ + and SDL I translate english computing technical articles into vietnamese and also write new ones there. A great arcade game.

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