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>>Quick links for me:

- CategorySystemOverhaul
- AdvancedCategoryAction

- ACLsWithUserGroups
- AutomaticUserPageCreation
- RemovingUsers
- UserAdmin
- UserRegistration

Spam problems/history-related:
- DeleteSpamAction
- WikkaSpamFighting

Modifications to Wikka installation
- CharsetNotSupportedWorkaround (GeSHi error messages re htmlentities)
- EnhancedImageAction / EnhancedImageActionInfo
- one email/one account
- PageAndCategoryDivisionInACategory
- UrlBeautify

- UsingActions
- PhraseList - consolidation of phrases displayed to users
- RegexLibrary - consolidation of regexs

Tickets I'm watching:
~- [[ | correctly sorting charsets]]
~- [[ | consolidation of phrases hardcoded in wikka]]
~- [[ | regex library]]


I'm using Wikka on a fannish resource site I run, as well as on my work intranet (which is sadly on an IIS server, blech). I tend to wander in and out of here irregularly, due to an insane work schedule, but I'm trying to make more of an effort to pitch in here now. :)

I'm extremely interested in the category system and the user groups/user access system because the way I most want to use a wiki is as a controlled collaboration and information organization tool (librarian, who me?), where I can have specific user groups that have access to change content, as well as controlling who views the content.

I'm decent with PHP (though I'd love to have the time to learn more about using it with templating, etc.), but my real strength is in MySQL, since I use it nearly every day for work. :)

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