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You can read who I am [[ | here]].
I'm the responsible of the [[ | Hedinux]] distribution. I'll plan to migrate from wikini to wikka.
I'm vincent.fretin on the bug tracker.

I'm working on (in priority order):
- valid XHTML1.1(+SVG1.1+""MathML2.0"") with application/xhtml+xml mimetype
to allow SVG in the document (not in a object tag, in the code itself)
- graph of all pages with graphviz, it's beautiful.
- wikini->wikka migration.
- I have to write the WikiniComparison page.
- internationalization of the pages with gettext, already implemented for wikini, see

===bugs I want to contribute===
- [[Ticket:312 | Kill all those useless $_REQUEST]]
- [[Ticket:66 | Auto-save content each X minutes]]
Firefox 2 Beta 2 has "Support for client-side session and persistent storage"
(see the news at
the specification:
- [[Ticket:64 | Support for SVG images]]
- [[Ticket:203 | comments in Ajax]]
- [[Ticket:327 | Footnote action]] (reported by me)
- [[Ticket:328 | slideshows with S5]] (reported by me)
- [[Ticket:177 | Export of static HTML for offline browsing]]
- [[Ticket:340 | Work on Internationalization]]

===bugs I follow===
- [[Ticket:34 | Use central regex library for valid patterns]]
- [[Ticket:72 | action files]]
- [[Ticket:175 | Generating links for 'included' pages]]
- [[Ticket:155 | 'Sticky' notes for inline Wiki page annotations.]]
- ''PATCH'' [[Ticket:75 | History is not accessible if the page is to big]]

===My bugs===
- ''PATCH'' [[Ticket:309 | Problem with the SQL query of the LoadWantedPages() function with MySQL 5.0.22.]]
- [[Ticket:333 | The formatter should close and reopen tags for ins and del tags automatically]] (reported by me)

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