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=====System images are not appearing=====

Wikka uses a few images in its default installation, for instance an "xml button" to link to RSS feeds and an example image on the FormattingRules page. The problem is these images are not appearing but instead only their alternative text.

The [[Docs:ModRewrite | rewrite mode configuration]] is incorrect. If the rewrite mode configuration is incorrect the URLs that are used to reference these images will be incorrect; when requesting an image the browser will receive a 404 error to indicate the file is not found and display the alt text instead of the image.

===Applies to===
All versions.


==Wikka and earlier==
Use the following checklist for the mod_rewrite configuration
~1)If you use URL rewriting, check your configuration as outlined on ModRewrite (note that there are **two** parameters and that they **must match**)
~1)Check that you have the ##.htaccess## file as distributed with Wikka in your base installation directory
~1)Check that the **##[wikka]/images/##** subdirectory contains the ##.htaccess## file as distributed with Wikka (in that subdirectory); it should have the following content: %%(apache)<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine off
""<!-- move last two point later to ModRewriteTroubleshooting! and refer to that page -->""

==Newer Wikka versions==


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