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//Microsummaries are regularly-updated short summaries of web pages. They are compact enough to fit in the space available to a bookmark label, they provide more useful information about pages than static page titles, and they get regularly updated as new information becomes available.// (quote from the [[ | MozillaWiki]])

Firefox 2.0, beeing released at the end of october, will support them, RC2 of it already does. [[ | Examples]] show that people use it mostly for displayin the last article/ blogpost/comment on a homepage or the number of comments on a story.

====How does it work?====
Firefox detects Microsummaries with the following link beeing inserted into the header of a page:

<link rel="microsummary" href="index.php?view=microsummary">

The url is an example, of course. More then one Microsummary is possible. If a user bookmarks such a page, he has the option to have the/one Microsummary shown instead of the normal page title (selecting it in a dropdown-list while bookmarking the page).

Unfortunately, there is no indication what type of file Firefox seems to expect at the link. If it is [[ | a Microsummary generator using another site]] it has to be XML. But [[ | plain text]] seems to be the better option for Wikka.

====What can we do with it?====
My thoughts:

everything would be handled through handlers/page/microsummaries.php

for every page:
* date of last change + author
* number of comments (if comments are allowed)

for RecentChanges
* Page and Autor and date of last change (note: ''We do not know how many chars are allowed in a Microsummary'')

for RecentComments / RecentlyCommented:
* Page and Autor and date of the last comment.

Your ideas?
===News items===
Microsummaries might be used for news items. E.g. assume there'd be an action ""{{newsitem}}"" which would output a header linking to the news item, followed by a short summary and the obligate "(read more)" linking to the news item, too. In Wiki syntax, the output of
{{newsitem news="NewsItemActionInfo"}}
might look like this:
====[[NewsItemActionInfo | News Action Info]]====
The Wikka development team describes the basic functionality of the {{newsitem}} action,
allowing Wiki authors to include their page to some kind of news portal site inside of
their Wikka. [[NewsItemActionInfo | (
--MasinAlDujaili, 2006-10-09, 13:36 CEST (only news item stuff)
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