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=====Masin Al-Dujaili=====
Living in Berlin, Germany. I use Wikka for coordinating our role playing hobby. More info later. As I see it, FishPete does the same ... nice work, Fischi ;-)

====Bug demonstration====
Assume I'd link to a page called WikkaBugs and I'd give it an alternative link text [[WikkaBugs touché]]. See what I mean? If you use Opera you'll see an extra large space after the 'é'. As this happens with forced links with alternative link text and with LinkUsingPageTitle, I guess it's something within the html_specialchars function (don't know yet what it's called correctly) that messes with the 'é'. Using Opera pressing CTRL+F3 (source view) shows exactly the position of the error.

~-TypedPages -- The idea of different kinds of pages with 'normal' wiki pages as the default
~~-GeneralWikkaConfiguration -- Storing configurations and more of Wikka, pages and users as wiki pages
~-ShadowPages -- The idea of different 'sets' of wiki pages belonging together
~-BooleanOperationsOnPageListings -- Use boolean operations on page listings like CategoryActionInfo or RecentChangesAction

====[[ GiO-Homepage]]====
~-//no problems//
~~-InheritACL -- Inheriting ACL from the (non-structural, but user-decided) parent of a page
~~-InvisibleWiki (not completely, just ... obfuscated ;-) )
~~-PageAndCategoryDivisionInACategory (up to 1.3.6)
~~-KickTheDonkey's Links To The Same Host
~-//minor problems//
~~-LinkUsingPageTitle (up to 1.3.6)
~-//to install//
~~-++[[GmBowen Search Comments]]++ -- outdated
~~-++EmailActionInfo++ -- produces invalid HTML, doesn't work with Opera. Perhaps, the contact action should be modified to allow different e-mail addresses ...
~-//to check//
~~-[[RicardoPedroso Image Gallery]]
~~-[[KickTheDonkey Prevent on-host links being displayed as external]]
~~-++SuggestionsBoard++ checked not, suited for me ...
~-//work on//
~~-UpdateCategoryActionInfo, UpdateCategoryAction
~~-CalendarlinkActionInfo, CalendarlinkAction
~~-MapstractionActionInfo, MapstractionAction
~~-NoIndexActionInfo, NoIndexAction
~~-SvgActionInfo, SvgAction
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