Wikka currently gives admins the option to configure a specific tail for external links in the configuration file.
For example: Google (see the small infinity symbol appended to the link).
I see two issues in the current implementation.

span vs. :after selector

The tail is currently rendered through a <span> that displays the tail as configured in the config file. It would make more sense IMO (especially as soon as we allow multiple CSS stylesheets) to render it through an a.ext:after selector. Tails are layout, not content, and they should consequently be handled by CSS.

Currently, only external links have a dedicated class and tail.
If the link parser is modified, dedicated classes, titles and tails could be given to specific kinds of link. I think this could be applied both to link types and Wikka handlers.

For instance (titles are displayed on mouse roll-over):

Tails need not be textual, they can be configured as icons as well, for instance:

MAILTO link: DarTar
Userpage: DarTar

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