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==== Some information about me? ====
If you want to know more, come and visit [[ | my site]].
Se vi volas scii pli, venu viziti [[ | mian retejon]].

=== Why I use Wikka ===
At work, and recently at home, I use TWiki. Problem with it on my humble PC is its slowness. About 4-5 seconds to display a page. Thus, I searched another implementation, and happily found Wikka.

=== Interests in Wikka ===
I'm very interested in UTF-8 support, as well as i18n and l10n, because I'm not english speaker (french speaker at first) and I use [[ | esperanto]] a lot, and this latter uses special characters not found in latin-1 encoding. I already translated Wikka to esperanto, but this is not a very cute modification, since all strings are hardcoded in Wikka's code.

I also did an action to convert between x-system and UTF-8 esperanto letters.

== Categories ==
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