Hi and welcome to the KIN Knowledge Retention and Transition SIG WIKI!

Following the last KRT SIG meeting you asked if we could try out using a WIKI to create dynamic KRT knowledge. Well this is it! This is only a trial, as this WIKI is completely open to view by anyone (until someone can tell me how to limit it to specified individuals).

We will have a separate page for each of the stages in the Knowledge Retention and Transition process. The idea is for you, the participants, to start to pool your ideas and experiences, challenge them and thus create a rich dynamic source of KRT knowledge.

Remember, you can edit any page. In fact this will only work if you do so! Think of it as a website where you are the owners of all the content and have the ability to add anything, change anything (including contributions by others) or even remove it. Content is everything.
To edit, simply double click on any page, or use the 'Edit Page' at the bottom left corner. Don't worry, any change you make and save can be easily reverted. To add a new page when editing, simply type two words with no gap between them and with a capital letter at the start of both (see the examples below). You can also leave a comment on any page using the link at the bottom.
To navigate round the WIKI pages is not easy; it's best to always go back to the KinKrt Homepage (top right hand side of each screen).
I have also created a CommentOn page where you can leave general remarks and thoughts about using a WIKI to create this sort of body of knowledge.

If you have not used a WIKI before (as I haven't!), here is a link to a quick tour which will show you the basics (I suggest you open this in a new browser window) http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaInAction

I recommend that if you don't already have a way of receiving RSS feeds from websites (notifications), such as this WIKI, that you do so. For a good introduction to RSS see the excellent BBC page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/rss/3223484.stm
Good luck and I'll be interested to see how this grows!

WIKI ideas for KRT:


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