I'm Jeff White, a professor of english at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I have a mediawiki set-up already, but found several key features missing (easy calendar, Template/form-filling feature). My purpose for using a wiki is to set up a teaching environment in which my colleagues and I can share resources (assignments, policies, etc). I'd like to establish several templates for a generic "assignment"--with fields like Due-date, objectives, points, etc... And that's where mediawiki was lacking, I thought. The templating was neat, but there were no options for filling template parameters in with user-supplied data. I'm hoping to find that here.

If anyone reads this... (big if...) and have an idea on what feature here would accomplish my purposes, please, please, please shoot me an email at jeff.c.white@gmail.com. I'm pretty comfortable with php/mysql, and can do what I'm talking about through normal scripts quite easily, but I want the whole thing encased within a wiki for other reasons--mainly class projects and the simple share-ability available via wikis.

I want to try the "clone" feature now...if I can find a place to do it w/o seeming to play :-)


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