I found WikkaWiki when I was searching for a solution for my company's internal need to implement a simple, fast and feature rich "CMS" system. Spending 2 hours opening up the source code, I FALL IN LOVE WITH WIKKAWIKI. The actions, formatters, and handlers concept was awesome. I don't know if this is original implemention of WikkaWiki or based on WakkaWiki, but still, this is something that I adore so much.

To further emphasize the beauty of Wikka, I am an ASP programmer, with little PHP experience, but I can understand the code almost instantly (ofcourse except for the RegEx :-), take me quite sometime to RTFM to found out what most code on wakka.php mean). I've created a test site on my server to play around with WikkaWiki. Feel free to visit and drop me some comments.

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