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HenkDaalder lives in the Netherlands

I am developing a wikkawiki to bring some transparancy in the web of influence and relations of the 200 most influencial persons of the netherlands.
The prototype is currently on "a" website that has php and an database: [[ | here]]
In may and june, the dutch newspaper [[ | Volkskrant]] has a series of articles to publish this list.

I modified the mindmap action and copied the category action to a page handler, catmmap, to display a category as a mindmap.
It is not finished yet, but shows resuts.
Php programming is mostly done by MaartenDaalder.

The action (in double accolades) " mindmap categoryname " displays a generated mindmap.
It also searches the leafnodes of the first and second layer, but that does not yet show a good result.
The result also depends on the data and the "right" choice of categories.

Actually it does just a search on a word, and sometimes a search on a search string would be better, such as "+string1 +string2"
But this search string has to be transferred in the freemind applet, and I restrict the programming to the wikkawiki pages for the moment.

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