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======Hans Stienen======

Founder of [[ | SYNSPACE]], manager by accident, developer by nature.

I am trying to find out how we can use Wikka for Knowledge Management and Information Exchange between our staff, always working remotely somewhere in Europe and currently also in the US.

Wikka is excellent, some suggestions:
. Make external links by default ##... target="_blank"##. I am using Firefox.
~& I did not test it, but changing in wikka.php %%(php;672) return $url ? "<a class=\"ext\" href=\"$url\">$text</a>$external_link_tail" : $text;%%
~& to
~& %%(php;672) return $url ? "<a class=\"ext\" href=\"$url\" target=\"_blank\">$text</a>$external_link_tail" : $text;%% should do the job. --NilsLindenberg

Thanks Nils, I am sure it will work. Will this provided as an option in a future release?

===Escaping ""CamelCase"" a.o.===

I found the solution, when reading the SuggestionBox page, search for ""DanielMcNair"". Later I also found the answer on WikkaFAQ. There are also a number of trouble tickets about this question, see #71 and #34 in ""WikkaTrac"".

However, the problem is more general.

There are several cases where preventions from interpreting a text in the standard way are needed, e.g.
- Categories: When a category is defined, all pages where the name of this category is present are seen as belonging to that category.
Solution: Put ""____"" (4 underscores) somewhere in the name. Works fine, except in one case:
- The name of the category appears in a link. ""[[UserManual | User Manual]]"". Every page with this link appears in the list of pages belonging to the category User Manual.

No solution until now.
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