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=====Halfbat's Info Page=====
There's a load of back-story, but whats relevant is that I am looking for a CMS with the following constraints:

1) Good ACL (absolutely vital)
1) Good Table handling
1) MySQL/Flat file handling (has to interface with another AP)
1) Configurable skin (common)
1) php Preferable
1) Form generation/handling also preferable

.... then other things common to most wiki's.

====What for?====
We ([[ | Sceaptune Games]]) are exploring the possibility of a new, online sports game. League news and trashtalk pages able to be updated by players are vital, as are fairly freeform advert boards for offering trades, and such. Players should be able to see other boards and leagues, but not modify them; likewisse, within their own league they mustbe able to alter League stuff but not look at the full details of other team's info.

The requirements need a mixed app, part CMS/wiki, part good security, part form-based application...
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