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=== GregorLindner ===

I'm just a user,
I hardly know any PHP,
But ask stupid questions nonetheless.

My installation of Wikka:

Hopefully it's useful input sometimes.

ICQ. 2726122

==Transparency workaround==

From the comments, on
//Hi Gregor, interesting custom layout, but why don't you use an image background in the central layer to simulate a transparency effect with the actual background? DarTar//

Problem is, this does not work with the internet explorer.
So I use a workaround:

%%background-image: url("../images/text_bg.png");

Since the ie does not support alpha channel transparency in pngs, the image displays as solid medium gray.
The filter, who on the other hand works *only* with the ie, makes that image transparent.

So: No fiddling with image aligning, and beating Microsoft with it's own refusal to use standards... I like it.

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