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====Giorgos Kontopoulos====
Hello everyone,
just another G(r)eek in wikka wiki town.

Love the place!

If you had beds here I would be sleeping here too,
but I guess I should put this in the suggestion board for a future release.

===About me===
I am a programmer myself. I have played around with ""C++"", fortran, assembly, visual basic, rexx, db2, java, jsp, html, javascript, xml, xslt, php, sql and probably others but I finally decided to stick with the open formats and focus on web development.

Tried a lot of open source CMS's and Wiki's in the last 2 years but none seems to be close to the Simplicity, and Power of Wikka Wiki.
Hope to start contributing soon to this project, as soon as I get to understand how everything works around here (and in the heart of wikka).

For a glimpse of my work look [[ | here]]

I wanted to post a bug on WikkaBugs and read comment from NilsLindenberg on (2004-10-09 10:25:15)
and then I was in trouble. Spend two hours thinking about this

I liked Nils idea, but my suggestion is something more drastic,

Every feature of the wikka distribution has a page which is dedicated to it which would also be a main Category (part of Category Category) lets for the sake of an example assume WikiEdit.

In WikiEdit there should be some minimal info (?forced? if I may say with the use of a template)

- Files that are needed for the feature to work,
- other files/features that are depended on it
- status of the development version
- attachments of all development versions with names of developers that modified them and date modified
- first release that it was included
- A section pointing to bug pages related to this feature.

The bug page lets say WikiEditBug1 should be part of the category WikiEdit and should include
- browsers or systems that make WikiEdit misbehave
- description of the bug
- suggestions if known
- attachments of fixes


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