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=====Files Handler Documentation=====

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Development: FilesHandler.>>This is the documentation page for the Files handler.::c::

===The principle===
As many Wikka users, I find the upload process cumbersome. So I propose a new way relying on 3 developments and a few principles.
1) There will be a menulet action in the header and/or footer menus that will allow the user to:
- know if there are files attached to the current page (special display of the menulet link)
- browse the attached files by clicking on the menulet link
- manage the attachments (add/delete)
1) If you are allowed to read a page then you can read/download the attached files
1) If you are allowed to write a page then you can manage the attachments (add/delete)
Of course all this has to be compliant with the site policy (authorized mimes and maximum sizes).

===My solution===
Three developments to provide a complete solution:
- A handler (FilesHandlerInfo - FilesHandler) allowing to call the file management tool from any page
- An action (ListfilesActionInfo - ListfilesAction) allowing to list and download the attached documents
- A menulet action (WikkaMenulets : attachments) to call the handler via a menu

===How to use it?===
This particular handler can be called as any handler by adding its name to the URL:
or by using a menulet link which is the easier solution for the users:
""{{attachements}}"" has to be part of the menu, header, footer or any kind of personnal menus.

Once called, a form will appear that will allow:
- to see all files attached to the current page,
- to upload more files provided that the user is allowed to write on this page,
- to delete any attachment provided that the user is allowed to write on this page.

===To Do===
A warning popup prior to delete a file would be welcome...
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