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=====Feedback Action=====

[''Note: The feedback action is now included in Wikka by default starting with Wikka'']

<<An upgrade of this action, working as a module for the **UserAdmin** tool or as a standalone action, is available [[FeedbackActionUpgrade | here]]<<

This action displays a form for sending user feedback to the site administrator email, as specified in ##wakka.config.php##.
It first validates the form, then sends it using the mail() function and displays a "thanks for your feedback"message

To use it you will first need to save the code below in a file called ##feedback.php## in the actions folder.
Then simply add ""{{feedback}}"" in the page in which you want the feedback form to be displayed.

-- DarTar


// Displays a form to send feedback to the site administrator, as specified in wakka.config.php
// It first validates the form, then sends it using the mail() function;

$form = '<p>Fill in the form below to send us your comments:</p>
<form method="post" action="'.$this->tag.'&mail=result">
Name: <input name="name" value="'.$_POST["name"].'"type="text" /><br />
Email: <input name="email" value="'.$_POST["email"].'" type="text" /><br />
Comments:<br />
<textarea name="comments" rows="15" cols="40">'.$_POST["comments"].'</textarea><br />
<input type="submit" />

if ($_GET["mail"]=="result") {
$name = $_POST["name"];
$email = $_POST["email"];
$comments = $_POST["comments"];
list($user, $host) = sscanf($email, "%[a-zA-Z0-9._-]@%[a-zA-Z0-9._-]");
if (!$name) {
// a valid name must be entered
echo "<p class=\"error\">Please enter your name</p>";
echo $form;
} elseif (!$email || !strchr($email, "@") || !$user || !$host) {
// a valid email address must be entered
echo "<p class=\"error\">Please enter a valid email address</p>";
echo $form;
} elseif (!$comments) {
// some text must be entered
echo "<p class=\"error\">Please enter some text</p>";
echo $alert;
echo $form;
} else {
// send email and display message
$msg = "Name:\t".$name."\n";
$msg .= "Email:\t".$email."\n";
$msg .= "Comments:".$comments."\n";
$recipient = $this->GetConfigValue("admin_email");
$subject = "Feedback from ".$this->GetConfigValue("wakka_name");
$mailheaders = "From:".$email."\n";
$mailheaders .= "Reply-To:".$email."\n\n";
mail($recipient, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);
echo $this->Format("Thanks for your interest! Your feedback has been sent to [[".$recipient."]] ---");
echo $this->Format("Return to the [[".$this->GetConfigValue("root_page")." | main page]]");
// optionally displays the feedback text
//echo $this->Format("---- **Name:** ".$name."---**Email:** ".$email."---**Comments:** ---".$comments);
} else {
echo $form;

with some simple modifications this form can be used to send a mail to any registered user.

the idea is to use either a given parameter "to" or the page-tag to fetch the mail-address out of the wakka_users table

replace the line **""$recipient = $this->GetConfigValue("admin_email");""** with the following:

if (!$to) $to = $this->tag;
$record = $this->LoadUser($to);
if ($recipient = $record["email"]) {
// proceed with mailing
} else echo "<p class='error'>Sorry, can't address recipient</p>";

after saving the modified code as **mail.php** in the actions folder, you can address me with the action ""{{mail to="DreckFehler"}}"" or simply place a ""{{mail}}"" onto your personal userpage to have a contact-form without publishing your email-address (don't echo the address in the tnx-message ;) this should rather be changed to "...your feedback has been sent to ""[[".$to."]] ---"""). -- DreckFehler


=== Bug found! ===

There is a bug in the feedback action when this is used on wikka installations that don't adopt rewriterules.
The submit button currently posts the form to:
which opens an invalid URL if rewrite_mode is set to "0" in ##wikka.config.php##.
The form should be posted instead to:
''Note: this should work in any case, whether rewrite_mode is set to "0" or "1"''

I've fixed the code above.
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