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<<====={{color hex="#00844A" text="Emer"}}{{color hex="#FFFFFF" text="aldIs"}}{{color hex="#FFA500" text="land"}}=====<<::c::
""<a href=""><img alt="Emerald Island" title="Click to enlarge" src="" width="240px" height="212px" style="float:left;margin:15px;" /></a>""Wikka user since february 2006, I have chosen it for a single user website. I customized WikkaWiki with a combination of useful actions (the main menu uses only customized CSS, WikkaMenus, Image action and WikiBreadcrumb). I also included some other features : interactive maps, phpWeather, a light AJAX library, a customized image gallery...

The latest change is a **comic strip** based on wiki markups. You can see the result [[ | here]].

Finally, I obtained a nearly hidden WikkaWiki website.::c::
My contribution to Wikka Wiki :
- the ""HighlightSearch"" handler for Wikka [[HighlightSearch | version -]], [[HighlightSearchWikka12 | version 1.2]], [[HighlightSearchWikka131 | version 1.3.1]] and [[HighlightSearchWikka132 | version 1.3.2]]. You can see this handler in action [[ | here]].
- menulet ReferrersLink
- WikkaMenusAdmin, this is a "downgrade" version of WikkaMenus which saves menulets in files instead of MySql database.

My web try :
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