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====Edit Save====

Many word processors auto-save, or warn the user that they've been editing for a while and remind them to save. In a wiki this is particularly useful when working on a long submission because there is no way to know if someone else has opened the document and is working on it at the same time. Not to mention, cuz many of us work in IE one never knows when it might spontaneously decide to become introspective and completely ignore me/you/the server & any associated input. Considering this, I thought that it might be useful to provide a prompt for the user so that they are reminded to save every now and then. The simplest solution seemed to be an animated that's what I created.

There are two versions which were created......

1) when the edit page is first loaded the graphic/text is shown. After 6 minutes the image changes to .

2) When the edit page is first loaded the graphic/text is shown. After 5 minutes it changes to and after ten minutes it changes to .

Either of these are called with adding a simple image source statement at the start of the ##handlers/edit.php## file just after the php call.

echo "<img src=\"./images/edittimer.gif\" alt=\"This graphic changes after 5+ minutes to remind you to save.\"/>";

Place either of these image files below in the ##images## directory called ##edittimer.gif##....(right-click to save em eh?)
6 minutes:
5/10 minutes:
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