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**dreckfehler** was my eZine (which is laid asleep for several reasons but may be reanimated some day) and it hosted my very first wiki. it's also a german spun. the word (correctly spelled dr**u**ckfehler) means "type mismatch" but even with a type mismatch in it.

if that explanation confuses you, you can go with cockney rebel and call me sebastian ;)

driving my own (german speaking) wakkawiki spin off called [[ | mindWiki]]""<!-- via the web archive, no styling -->"", i have been fallen in love with the straight, compact code that wakkawiki (and wikka aswell) provides ;)

as i haven't managed it yet to rewrite the install routine of mindWiki (and most of the time new changes are swifter than tracking these modifications to keep the installation alive) i decided to leave the bothersome duty to maintain the code to jason (who does an excellent job!) and contribute enhancements to wikka when i see them fit for public (and if i remember what lines exactly have to be tweaked in the code)

""<!--[[ | contact form]] no longer functional-->""
===work in progress===
- PageWatches (this too is already done by a wakka modification)

===contributions to wikka:===
- WikiPing (though already implemented in wikka this may be still an object to changes)
- SafePagePurging
- BugfixListFormatter
- IncludeAction
- GroupManagement (a [[ | clever patch]] written by VictorManuelVarela needs some slight improvements.
- MovePages (mindwiki actually doesn't adjust every link all over the wiki but adds a [[RedirectingPages | redirector feature]] and redirects from the old page to the moved one to keep the links still working)
- DreckfehlerArchive (a couple of patches which are now part of wikka and thus not worth a closer look)


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