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New to blogs and wikis last spring, I started with Wakka because I found it being used by several academic bloggers I was reading. I learned of Wikka soon enough to make it the wiki for my courses last semester (fall 2004), and I have been very pleased. I find the ACL and category aspects to be the most important for [[ | my situation]] (college students using the wiki for collaboration), and its ease of installation and speed are icing on the cake. Recently I began using PIM and file upload features for students working on data entry tasks for several research projects. ACLs control who has access to the project pages with the data file links, and students can easily keep track of who has done what through the PIM function written by GmBowen. Wow. I'm using Blackboard less and less. Another note: I run Wordpress weblogs for my courses and installed Ton Zijlstra's [[ | Wordpress plugin]]. Not much call for it yet but it is nice to have. I wish I could help with development of Wikka, but I have no knowledge whatever of programming. Sorry. :)

I think it would be useful to have a page where college teachers can discuss their applications of Wikka, so I've put up CollegeTeachingwithWikka.

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