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My name is Dewey Bayer and I am a psychology professor at a small liberal arts college who became aware of wikis in the spring of 2004. Since then I have tried to find ways to use them in my courses and work with students. Wikka has many very nice features that make it ideal in a college setting. I thought a page where professors could share ideas would be nice to have.

Over the next several weeks (through April and May) I'll add material on how I use a wiki in my courses. I hope others will find this page and add their own uses as well as comment on mine. Stay tuned. If you think this kind of page is a good (or bad) idea, please comment.

''one hour later'' Ha! in the time it took me to do some things to get my first example together, Mike Bowen left a comment (below). Thanks, Mike! I look forward to more contact.

- My first example is for a team of students working on a research project. You can find the example on a fictitious page on my teaching wiki. [[ | Here's the Link]]

- My second example is an organizational one, where students enrolled in internship/practicum experiences at different sites in the community maintain wiki pages to keep diaries. Once a week they update their pages with information on what they did onsite that week. Their pages are categorized under a master page and kept on the wiki for future students to get some sense of what practicum experiences at different sites are like. [[ | Here is a link]] to one of the master pages. Your comments are appreciated.


Hi Dewey. My name is Mike Bowen & I use a wikki as a project/assignment reporting & sharing tool in a class teaching science/technology teaching methods at a university in Canada. In my course students work on a term long technology project & report as they go along on their progress. In addition, they create a streaming video as part of a lesson & mount the video on-line & provide a forum for discussion questions (see WikkaForum).
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