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My WikiName is my real name.

I am a frenchie working in the USA as "//Lead Business Analyst//" which means I am interfacing between the IT tekkies and the Business Communities.

My [[ | company]] uses [[ | eRoom]] through the portals for collaboration and it is an efficient tool. Yet I think we have plenty of space to improve the collaborative work using Wikis.
So I am decided to have a pilot pretty soon available to demonstrate the added value of this concept.

I have been experiencing dozens of open source [[ | WikiClones]] and only a few finally retained my attention.
Among these, Wikka Wiki comes on top.

As I do not want to compete with other tools available in my company, more powerful solutions like [[ | TikiWiki]] are out.
I also like [[ | MediaWiki]] but Wikka is quicker and still has some more interseting features.

Nothing being perfect, I am trying to figure out how to provide a few missing functionalities:
- Sharing calendars (see JwCalendarWithPageCreation),
- Organizing polls (PollSystem),
- Using ActiveDirectory to identify and connect the users (proposal at ActiveDirectory),
- Task lists (I like Mike's one: GmBowenWikkaAsPIM) , Issue lists... through an excel like input design (having the possibility to design databases and design the user interface for them?),
- Defining simple ad-hoc workflows, (please elaborate on this with some examples)
- Reusing templates for easy creation of similar WikiPage''s'' (see CloneHandler),
- Managing attachments to the WikiPage''s'' (see FilesManagementSolution),
- Having a "Store and continue" button when editing so that you can save and continue to edit,
- Having a "Search & Replace" function in the editor,
- Having a Find and Replace function to replace things in the body of the Wiki Pages (could help to rename pages as well),
- ++Having WikiName''s'' being displayed as Wiki Names++ (better idea at AutoReplace),
- Having the possibility to design database with a user interface,
- Having the capability to check who is currently connected to the Wiki,
- Managing groups of users through the ACLs (proposal at ACLsWithUserGroups),
- Having the possibility to use smileys (Uniwakka like),
- Having the possibility for the page owner to delete it (not only the admin),
- Having the capability to encrypt a page (so that it is encrypted in the DB too: PageEncryption),
- having the possibility to see who is on line using the Wiki (there is a ""{{users}}"" action at that looks interesting: anybody knows how it is build?)
~~&I have usersonline.php and currentusers.php actions which are derived from an action in costal martignier's comawiki software (see my example [[ | here]] ). Costal has (re)distribution restrictions etc. on his products (despite the GPL base from which his wiki derives, he has sections of "original" code....including that for users online) which is why I haven't posted those two actions here. You might try downloading comawiki (which is "free" for non-commercial purposes) and see if you can tweak his action for your own //non-commercial interests// (don't forget to look at the database table which is needed. --GmBowen
- Having the users defining their own menu: this is available from WikkaMenus but I am using an alternate solution at UserMenus
- Having the possibility to quickly reach any WikiPage previously browsed through a KeepHistory page (this is often named BreadCrumbs on other wikis)
~& see WikiBreadcrumb for a simple-to-implement solution -- GmBowen --- ---
~&I don't know what other Wikis do, but in fact there is a difference between the concept of "history" and "breadcrumbs". Simply put, "history" records where you've been (and when) while "breadcrumbs" shows a //path// followed: how you got here; the latter can be either literally the path followed, but usually it is mapped onto a hierarchical path in the site, and thus helping the user to learn how the site is structured and form a mental map. Since most Wikis aren't very hierarchical in nature, breadcrumbs would not be very useful (while a history might well be). --JavaWoman
~~&CooCoowakka is another wakka fork, and I think it has a "breadcrumbs" feature now (see [[ | here]]) referred to as [[ | wikitrails]] in an upcoming release....hope this helps - GmBowen
~~~&**Extremely** confusing: formatted like breadcrumbs, which suggest a hierarchy that doesn't exist; not a history either which would show (sequentially) all pages visited; when you try to use it to "go back" (as you can do in a real breadcrumbs trail), the "later" pages stay, but the content is **rearranged**. Neither a true history nor a true breadcrumbs trail behaves like that.
~~~~&I played with it more. It's an ordered string of places you've been to, but if you re-visit a page then it's removed from where it was in the string and placed at the head of the list.....up to ten items in length in total and then they just "fall off" the end. If you go to a page with categories then it puts the category list under the trail list in the same size format (I never saw more than two....category category (without the space) & then the category that was in that one). Anyhow, I'd be surprised if it wasn't possible to easily change the code to //not// remove the return to pages. I thought that it'd be good news for Christian cuz it comes from a wakka fork. -- GmBowen
- Lots of good ideas from [[ | JotSpot a commercial Wiki]]: email to a WikiPage, WikiForms...
- ...

Anyway, I want to salute the **great work** done so far :-))
//I truly appreciate the work that has been produced so far to deliver what I consider as the best Wiki - and I have tried everything available as open source until end of December 2004 - Well there are some nice features from other wikis I'd like to see in Wikka so one of the way to get them is to contribute!//
Here are my contributions so far:
- ACLsWithUserGroups: a nice solution to manage user groups with ACLs
- UrlBeautify: a solution to display John Doe instead of JohnDoe if the user prefers so
- CloneAction and CloneHandler: a simple way to duplicate/clone existing pages (I am very proud because it is officialy part of release
- FilesManagementSolution: a simple and complete solution to manage attachments
- JwCalendarWithPageCreation: I am still not 100% happy with this and will surely work again on it very soon - as it is now, it allows to manage group or personnal calendars through the now official code from JavaWoman
- ActiveDirectory: a first approach to get access to wikka through ActiveDirectory
~~&Hi Christian. My scheduler/month/day view actions are easily "tweakable" to allow sharing....there is code in wikka forum code (around where it says $tok) which allows you to have designated individuals to share access. You could use that code combined with the ACLSgroupmanagement idea to have groups share'd have to play with the security somewhat, but I'm sure it's you'd have to check if the users were a designated group member using the ACLSgroupmanagement idea...and then have that page "locked" so only the group manager could add people. Also, I'm currently working at incorporating wikka formatting codes into the calendar code (that would be stripped out for the month view) so that you could see formatted code in the day view. Hope this info is useful. Cheers, MikeB (GmBowen)
- UserMenus: an alternate solution to the one already provided by DarTar at WikkaMenus - I am still unsure which one I prefer
~~&See my work on sub-menubars [[ | here]]....a "colourful" alternative to regular text menus. -- mike
- A very small modification to the image action in order to add WIDTH and HEIGTH parameters at EnhancedImageAction
- A simple action to use the <abbr> and <acronym> html tags at AbbreviationAction
There are still a few things I did not share because too specific or not mature enough.
- I added some open source icons to Wikka
- I changed the wikiedit2 code to have more predefined tags and also smileys
- I built a collapsing solution for html lists (very nice with InlineCommentFormatter)
- I have almost finished the Wikka implementation of [[ | this nice calendar]] - but I think I should rebuild something on top of JwCalendar because it is the official calendar from now
- A java alternative to ShowCsv (my draft proposal is in there)
- I wish I could integrate [[ | TinyMCE]] as an alternative for a wysiwyg edition
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