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======Wikka Wiki Changes Clip======

=====What It Does=====
Provide a condensed list of recent changes made within the wiki that is suitable for inclusion on other pages. Presentation includes:

~- ‘Recent Changes’ heading
~- Link to the recent changes xml feed in heading
~- Two-line description of change
~~- Page name and change note
~~- Change timestamp and changer

=====Why It's Useful=====
Especially useful on the sites front page to show what’s been happening on the site. Helps an active site look active and stresses that it is dynamic and changing by showing an up-to-date changes list for users to clearly see.

[[ GPL]]

{{changesclip [max="3"] [shownote="true"]}}

~- ##max## indicates the number of changed pages to include in the list. Default three.
~- ##shownote## indicates if the change comment should be shown in the clip. Default true.

The installation tarball for the add-on action is a available on the [[ downloads]] page under Wikka Wiki.

To install, download and save the tar.gz file into the ##actions## subdirectory of your Wikka Wiki installation, untar it, and set permissions to read-only. The following steps provide a walkthrough assuming your installation directory is ##/var/www/html/wikka##. If your install path differs, steps one and two will require modification.

~1) [[ Download]] wikka_changesclip.tar.gz to /var/www/html/wikka/actions/
~1) cd /var/www/html/wikka/actions
~1) tar -xvzf wikka_changesclip.tar.gz
~1) chmod 444 changesclip.php
~1) chown www-data:www-data changesclip.php (or to your webserver user ID)

At this point the add-on is installed and ready to test. Add the action to any page to see the result (try floating it to the right of the homepage contents).

{{image alt="Changes Clip Screenshot" url="" link=""}}

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