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This is the documentation page for the calendar link action.


Short description

This action creates relations between pages belonging to the same calendar or displays the next or previous entry of a specified calendar. If provided with a date, it will use this as origin for the parameter link. If provided with an offset, this will first be added (haven't tried negative offsets yet) to date (if provided) or the current day (if parameter date is not provided). After this, the relation will take effect.


calendarnamestringoptionalcurrent calendar or current userThe calendar base name on which to operate.
linkstringoptionalnextThis can be either 'next' (the default), 'prev', 'following', 'latest' or 'today', where 'next' and 'prev' work only correct if the action is on a calendar entry page, displaying the entry next or previous to the current entry, while 'following' and 'latest' use the current or calculated date and and shows the next upcoming or latest entry in the calendar.
dateintegeroptionalcurrent dateThe relative origin for link mode
offsetintegeroptional0Offset for date calculation [days]

Long description

Place for a longer description.

{{calendarlink [calendar="xxx"] [link="next|prev|following"] [date="yyyymmdd"] [offset="[number of days]"]}}

{{calendarlink calendar="ConCerts" link="following" date="20070601" offset="14"}}

with code from JavaWoman and DennyShimkoski

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