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After extensive research on the available options for wiki engines ( is a great tool) , I settled on WikkaWiki as the perfect blend of speed and power for my [[ | shared story universe]] project. It's worked like a charm, the user-created mods haven't been painful installs (at least, no worse than ""YaBB"" back in the day ##:)##), and I've been appreciating the wiki's light footprint given my hosting situation on a virtual server.

I've got programming and administration experience, though I'm still in the shallow end of the PHP and MySQL pools, and I hope to share my own mods once I get around to writing them. My wiki's [[ | ToDo page]] offers a glance at the directions I'll be going.

==My Wikka bookmarks==

~- Documenting changes that need to be made when installing Wikka into its own domain: RobotsDotTxt
~- Hopefully pitching in to RemovingUsers with a way to check if users can be safely deleted (or if the db can be changed to remove their names so as to allow scrubbing?)

==Contact info==

See [[ | TTU:BaxilDragon]] (I've got the EmailActionInfo mod on my board and I'd prefer to hide my address behind its spam protection).
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