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=====Backlinks Handler=====

<<This feature was implemented in the release<<>>==See also:==
Documentation: BacklinksHandlerInfo.>>
This is the development page for the backlinks handler.

Nothing more than a couple of minor modifications to the WakkaBacklinksHandler.
The handler shows a **list of pages linking to the current page**.
Given the strong page-dependence of this function, I think it makes more sense to have it work as a //handler// than an //action//.

To install it just save the code block below as ##handlers/page/backlinks.php##
Use it as any other handler, appending ##/backlinks## to the page URL.
__Note__: the backlinks handler is available for testing on this server.


<div class="page">
* Displays a list of internal pages linking to the current page.
* Usage: append /backlinks to the URL of the page
* This handler retrieves a list of internal pages linking to the current page.
* It first checks if they exist and prints them on the screen.
* @package Handlers
* @subpackage
* @name backlinks
* @author {@link Martin Burger} - original idea and code.
* @author {@link Dario Taraborelli} - code rewritten, ExistsPage check added, removed links array.
* @version 0.3
* @since Wikka 1.1.6.X
* @todo

// User-interface: strings
define('PAGE_TITLE','Pages linking to %s');
define('ERROR_NO_BACKLINKS','There are no backlinks to this page.');

// build backlinks list
echo $this->Format('=== '.sprintf(PAGE_TITLE,'[['.$this->tag.']]').' === --- ---');
if ($pages = $this->LoadPagesLinkingTo($this->tag)) {
foreach ($pages as $page) {
if ($this->ExistsPage($page['tag'])) {
print $this->Link($page['tag']).'<br />';
} else {


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