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====Automatic Replace of strings====
I like the simplicity of the automatic link creation when I type a new [[Docs:WikiWord | WikiWord]]. But I hate having to think about it all the time and as I naturally write "the wiki word" I would like the system to understand that for me. This is particularly enerving when typing people names: typing ""JohnDoe"" is not natural and it is also a pain for the eyes of a WikiStranger.

Those having a palm certainly like the capability to code small sequences so that they are transformed into long words as soon as typed. The same kind of thing exists in most of the word processors as well.

===A solution===
The simplest (and perfect?) solution is now at UrlBeautify.

===Another (complicated) solution===
Having a database used when saving (or editing?) the WikiPage to replace an Input Entry by the Output Entry to which it is linked.
This database would be fed by an appropriate action used in the code of the [[WikiPage]]s: ""{{equivalent words="auto replace*automatic replace" separator ="*" casematters="no" dissociated="no"}}"".
Such an action placed on this very WikiPage would then transform any string "auto replace" into ""[[AutoReplace | auto replace]]"".
- This action would allow several strings to be entered in the parameter "word" separated by the content of the optional parameter "separator".
- This parameter "separator" must be present if there is more than one string to be replaced. It can be one single character or a chain.
- The optional parameter "casematters" defaulted to "yes" tells to the system whether the case matters or not; in the example above "aUto REPLace" would be transformed as well.
- The last optional parameter defaulted to "yes" tells to the system if the string to be replaced must be or not dissociated from other words; if dissociated="no" then "xxauto replacementsxx" would be transformed. In the other case, only the exact string in between spaces, commas, points, question marks... would be transformed.

Moreover the confort provided by such a functionality, it allows more consistency in the [[WikiPage]]s by reformating the content to ensure that the ""WikiLinks"" are generated even when the author forgot the ""NoSpaceInBetweenRule"".

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