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======Andrew Lister======

I'm a professor in the department of political studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am planning to use Wikka Wiki in a 4th-year seminar this year. I decided to use this software, after trying out a couple of others, because it has (a) access control, so that I can post official 'the professor really said this' pages that the students can't modify, and (b) a comment function, so that students can ask questions or post remarks about official course content, or about other student's pages, and these comments are attributable to specfic people, and not modifiable. I've used Web CT in a large lower-level course; the Discussion Board function was useful, but not integrated with content pages, and WebCt doesn't allow for collaborative editing by students. The plan for my seminar is that groups of students will create their own pages on the specific topic they have chosen. Group members will be able to set access privileges so that only their group can edit those pages, but everyone will be able to comment. I'm quite excited; I can't wait to see how it will work!

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