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====Andreas Tengicki====
My name is Andreas Tengicki I'm Managing Director of a small software development company in Germany, near by Frankfurt/Main.
My first Wiki, realized with ""WikkaWakka"" is more a private one, a knowledge base for the Green Party in our community.
When the Wiki is online, I will place a link here.

In the following I will tell
~- some impressions how the wiki and the development community look like for a Newbie
~- what I have changed / installed in my wiki and why
~- what should be developed, that means some new suggestions and questions

====1. Impressions====

The Wiki "himself" is very fine, fast and I can make additions in mysql and php, perfect. For that I work with it.

The following is no critic against any person. It is very good what is here and it is Open Source, "use it or leave is". But I have some ideas to do something easier (see Suggestion 3.1). It is not easy to explain it in an foreign language, for that I hope there is no misunderstanding.

The organization of the community is not easy to see through. There is the Wiki where I can use Textsearch, but I look into the Wiki to see "what is there". I don't know what I'm looking for, because I did not know the "search words", it is more browsing then searching.

I can look at CodeContributions or SuggestionBox, there are links to many other sites. Then is there an external issue tracker, with links back to the Wiki. Which status of an suggestion is actual? Some informations are redundant. To get an overview is not easy.
~& We know that the order in which things are presented at the moment: That is why we have opened up the issue tracker. This is the place where you should open up tickets for feature requests and bugs. The items from SuggestionBox und WikkaBugs will be moved there. But it's a time-consuming issue. I'll hopefully be able to do some things after my course finishes tomorrow. --NilsLindenberg
~~&Thanks for the answers, and you made a good job here, time is something we all miss ;-) --AndreasTengicki

On the channel #wikka I see no discussion and the archive of the mailing list is empty. I did not found a forum for my questions. The WikiFAQ doesn't answer my questions. Because of that I use this page.
~& You can always add questions to WikkaFaq if you don't find the answer there. A forum will be installed, but again, it's an issue of finding time. We are only two people at the moment and I had examns.

I believe this Wiki (and perhaps other too) needs an automatism to create overview pages. You have pages with items (records) where you describe something, that has a status. A project, a suggestion, a issue ticket or something else. Than you can generate an overview page. And if you change the status (or something else) into the detail page, than it changed on the overview page without any work. More about that in 3.1.

====2. What is installed and why====

I installed:
~- UserRegistration, you need a code, we have information in the knowledgebase that is not for everyone, and we want to know, who writes in our Wiki.
~- ACLsWithUserGroups, because Usergroups are much better, than to make single user classification.
~- WikkaCountingRecords, ""getCount()""-Funktion, because the administration tools need it
~- UserAdmin, to have a look to my users
~- PageAdminAction, the first structure of my Wiki is bad, for a redisign of the ""ACL's"", it is the easiest way.
~- FilesAction, it looks better.
~- WikkaBlog2, I believe it is usefull and easy for news
~- LinkUsingPageTitle, in most of the pages it is nice and in summary sites like Category I see a title and not a Wiki name.

And I make some changes by my self
~- "{files}"-Action expaned, that upload is only possible for member of the User Group Upload and there is a automatic Link to a documentation site. Then the feature can be explained on any site, where it is used by someone.
~- WikkaBlog2 expaned, that only user of the User Group Blog can write.
~- PageAdminAction expaned, that there a four wnew columns: Page Title, ACL read, ACL write and ACL column. For a better overview
~- Fixed a bug in LinkUsingPageTitle, that the Page Tag is shown by unknown sites (and not the title of the current page)
~- First version of MassaclsAction as part of PageAdminAction.
The code of this changes (and future changes) will I make public, if I'm ready with it.

====3. Suggestions & Questions====

===3.1 Database===
As an developer of database systems it is a little bit curious to use the item "database" here, but I believe it is the best.
The idea is, to have three different parts
~-first a page, which describe the database (record), title of the fields and representations
~-second at the beginning a page a block with the data, which would be formatted by showing the page
~-third an action, to collect the data from the pages and generate an overview page with defined columns.
It would be one of my next steps to implement a first version.

===3.2 picture upload===
I'm looking for a solution that a user can upload pictures for his site on an easy way.

===3.3. mass-action===
I have realized a first version, look here (MassaclsAction)

===3.4. {usergroups}===
As extension to ACLsWithUserGroups an action {usergroups} that shows all usergroups who the current active user is member of.

===3.5. translation===
Translation should be easier and independent from code changes if the defines are not in the soure code.
The better place is an own include file, i believe.
~& As you may have seen, newer files already have defines instead of the hardcoded strings. Again, it's an issue of time till every hardcoded string will be replaced.

===3.6. Skin/Layout===
I have not looked into the css yet. But is there a possibilty to make a layout with three columns, top and left navigation, in the middle the Wiki and some other stuff on the right. Look at, to see what I mean. That is the site, where I want add the Wiki or realize it complete with the Wiki.
~& you could take a look at WikkaSkins and the Skin repository.

===3.7 code version===
By installing all the parts I describe above, and some code changes from me, I'm a little afraid what to do, if there comes a new version of Wikka Wakka.

I hope this was not too much.


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