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I am looking into a possibility to use a wiki for team-creation of questions for the so-called "Chto-Gde-Kogda" game ([[ |]] - sorry, in Russian only). This game is vaguely similar to the [[WikiPedia:Trivia | Trivia]] and is very popular in Russian-speaking communities in many countries. It consist of answering tricky questions by a team of 6-8 people in very limited time (1 minute). There is more to this game than testing erudition: efficient team work is much more important; that's why I personally love that game.

A good question for the game should satisfy quite strict conditions:
- it should be interesting (non-trivial fact, surprising relations, etc.)
- correct (no erroneous facts or statements) and supported by readily-available information sources
- allow only for a single answer
- this single answer should be deducible from the question itself and from reasonably public knowledge (it can rely on a knowledge of a rare fact, but, e.g., should not require knowledge of what is written in a particular encyclopedia at a particular page)
- easy for understanding while being read out; worded unambigiously
- concise

Members of our team come up with their ideas of interesting questions from time to time. However, the questions require extensive editing and proofing before being presented to the public. Moreover, our experience shows that questions benefit greatly from joint editing. I thought a wiki could help in it.

Questions should be kept secret before they are used in a game - ACLs should do the work (it would be convenient to manage access by groups of users). The editing is to be done in Russian (a trasliteration would be very useful, as some people don't have Russian keyboard layout).
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